5 Reasons why we should honor our Veterans

honoring our veterans

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day ?

The reason we thank you veterans are simply not forgettable, they spent their lives in most difficult times for our great America.
There are thousand of reasons we must thank you and honor our veterans but some of the most notable & admiring cause to honor them are following
We honor our great Veterans on Veterans Day 11 November

Bravery & Patriotism Of Veterans

The reason veterans are veterans because they are brave, making America great, giving sacrifices of their time, family for our future, they have given in the past and now they are ever ready for it, the reason we are sleeping worry-less in our homes just because of them their bravery and love for the United States.
Why do we need to honor our veterans? They believe in belief that this country and its people are worth fighting for,
We are living with freedom because of their bravery.

Difficulties Veterans Face

They choose this path and they know is difficult and sacrificing, they know they may never return to their homes & families.
Why it is important to honor our veterans? They are very special just because for the prosperity and freedom of United States they sacrifice everything their happiness, holidays.
A lot of them gone disable why? For every one of us living and enjoying freedom in the United States.

honoring our Veterans

Veterans are Special

Why are Veterans special?  what makes them special is from WWI to today wherever you travel in the world you are from the Great United States Of America and you are superpower just because of them, they are special just because they are extraordinary indeed very extraordinary, topping the list of best Military in the world.

Would you take a bullet? 

Maybe you won't but they say yes for you for our great nation, imagine how many of us would take a bullet for a group of people?
It is easy to watch war movies but Veterans know the pain they have gone through, this is not easy like in movies, we are free and we owe so much to them, that is a reason to salute them every year.

honoring our Veterans

 America Is Beautiful Because Of Veterans

And why it is still beautiful because of our vets from all over the country they lost their lives, their body parts, their families.
The veteran might be your father, sister, brother, mother, wife, husband and these relations are so important and we love them,how about losing them suddenly?
We  honor veterans every day, they must get national recognition for their service & sacrifice.
I feel very sad when I see homeless veterans why our government is not supporting them?
We were and today we are safe because of them.
Old veterans do have benefits but the coverage plan is not sufficient for them to live a good life.

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